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What is hard about integrating supply chains today?


The IT systems that power supply chains around the world are notoriously difficult to integrate. This is true both internally, and between different companies.

There are a few reasons these systems are hard to connect:

  • People use one (or a set) of a number of different systems for the same process

  • Even the same system can be different between businesses

  • Much of the supply chain is managed with EDI, which is complex and expensive to manage

  • Many businesses don’t even integrate their internal systems, driving extra process and handling to keep multiple systems up-to-date and reconciled

What it boils down to is that even today, integrating the systems that power our supply chains is much harder, more expensive, more painful, and more complex than it should be in the 2020’s.

This means that companies are often forced into maintaining manual processes, driving up costs and slowing down processes. Manual handling also introduces the risk of human error creating mistakes in the supply chain which can be costly to correct.

Switchboard takes this cost away. We provide an integration platform designed and built for supply chains. A partnership with us can connect you to any supply chain system, with as many trading partners as you need at no additional cost. We give you an integrated supply chain without the cost and pain, so that your team can focus on higher value tasks, such as optimising your supply chain and managing the day-to-day operations of the business.

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