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What is Switchboard and how does it work?

Even today, integrating the systems that power our supply chains is much harder, more expensive, more painful, and more complex than it should be in the 2020’s. Whether it is connecting systems internally, or integrating with suppliers and customers to send and receive inventory, purchase orders, or shipping information, it is high time that this became a simple, easy, seamless process.

Switchboard is the cloud-based integration platform for supply chains. Switchboard can connect your business into any supply chain system. We are able to do this with our existing integration network, specifically focused on supply chain, and our team of developers that specialise in supply chain integrations, including EDI.

We take away the cost and pain of managing supply chain integrations and EDI. With our competitive pricing model and fast onboarding means your business can quickly and affordably send and receive transactional data with any supplier or customer. This can significantly reduce the cost of managing this process manually, or using the existing IT consultants to build and maintain different integrations.

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