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What will Switchboard bring to my business?

Put simply - less cost, effort, and pain in managing your supply chain.

By integrating the various systems involved in your supply chain, both internally and with your suppliers and customers, you can remove lots of manual process in sending, receiving, and managing supply chain information.

An integrated supply chain will allow you to send and receive all the correct ordering information with your supply chain, and receive updated information instantly and automatically.

This will reduce headcount cost and will also free up your team to focus on higher value tasks, such as optimising your supply chain and managing the day-to-day operations of the business.

It will also reduce human error in entering information across systems, emails, and PDFs. Correcting supply chain errors can be very expensive, and so reducing these mistakes is often a substantial benefit to businesses.

Switchboard’s integrations are more affordable than the traditional IT consultants. Our modern platform has been specifically designed to scale quickly and easily to meet any customer need in a faster and more efficient way than more traditional setups. This means we can offer the best customer experience and the best rates in the market.

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