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One integration to connect to your whole supply chain

Unlock a world of fast and affordable digital supply chains with Switchboard.

Easily integrate with your customer’s and supplier’s systems so that inventory data, orders, transport and warehousing documents, confirmations, and invoicing and remittance all flow seamlessly

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Get in touch to book a demo of our software and service to see the efficiency and value it can bring to your business

What is Switchboard?

Switchboard is a cloud-based supply chain integration platform with the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect your supply chain systems to all of your trading partners. Integrate once with Switchboard and experience connectivity between your trading partners and your own digital systems.


Fast and reliable inventory information

Connect to your trading partners to instantly check if they have the inventory to meet your needs before you process a purchase order.

  • Check stock levels to ensure they can meet you needs

  • Share unit pricing and stock locations with trusted suppliers and customers

  • Access inventory data to enable supply chain analytics and demand planning

Efficient and accurate order and supply chain documentation

Integrate with your suppliers and customers to quickly and accurately send and receive your orders and documentation

  • Process orders instantly and accurately through our direct integrations to your trading partners

  • Create and send accurate supply chain documentation instantly including for transport and warehouses

  • Send confirmation, proof of delivery, payment confirmations directly to your supppliers with no manual process

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Unlock massive business value

Switchboard makes supply chain integrations easy - giving you visibility over inventory, and fast, accurate ordering to support modern supply chains


faster supplier onboarding

One easy, modern platform for all your trading partners - no more complex and expensive EDI or API integrations


less manual handling

Remove the manual handling needed to check inventory, manage ordering, and documentation


the cost of existing solutions

Get world-class digital integration at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market


 Switchboard gives you the flexibility and scalability to manage all trading partners

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Get rid of your supply chain headaches. Get in touch and see how Switchboard can change your business.

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